Advanced Management Science (AMS)

ISSN: 2222-4955 (Print)
ISSN: 2222-4963 (Online)
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Advanced Management Science (ISSN: 2222-4955, e-ISSN: 2222-4963) is a peer reviewed, free-access academic journal aiming to publish high quality articles covering a wide range of management science and engineering. We devote to providing a forum for international scholars, researchers to publish authoritative and well referenced articles in management science and engineering. Advanced Management Science (AMS) is a collaborated publishing project under Volkson Press and Academic Research Publishers.



The journal includes studies on organizational, managerial, and individual decision making, from both normative and descriptive perspectives. Articles are primarily based on the foundational disciplines of economics, mathematics, psychology, sociology, and statistics, but readers will also find cross-functional, multidisciplinary research that reflects the diversity of the management science profession. It also focuses on managerial issues in diverse organizational forms, such as for-profit and nonprofit firms, private and public sector institutions, and formal and informal networks of individuals. Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit original, unpublished contributions. Subject areas include, but are not limited to the following fields:

Business Strategy
Decision Analysis
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Information Systems
Operations Management
Optimization and Modeling
Stochastic Models and Simulation
Empirical Applied
Fiscal Policy
Strategic Management
Arts Management
Language Management
Services Management
Health Service Management
Education Management
Social Management
Organizational Planning
Policy Making and Decision Making
Motivation, Globalization
Training and Development
Recruitment and Selection
Industrial Relations
Change Management
Organizational Behavior
Monetary Policy
Policy-oriented research in Management and Economic
Exchange Rates

Peer Review Process

Papers submitted to Advanced Management Science subject to rigorous peer review so as to ensure that the research published is ‘good science’.
Manuscripts are sent out for review electronically, and all correspondence takes place via e-mail. Although the peer review process is accelerated by the use of electronic communication, traditional, high-quality peer-review standards are applied to all manuscripts submitted to the journal.
Papers are sent to at least two independent referees. Advanced Management Science adheres to a ‘double blind’ review process: authors are not told who reviewed their paper, unless the reviewer decides to waive anonymity, and reviewers are not told who wrote the paper.

Peer reviewers are asked to give their opinion on a number of issues pertinent to the scientific and formal aspects of a paper, and to judge the papers on grounds of originality and urgency. All relevant information will be forwarded to the author(s).
For a manuscript to be published in Advanced Management Science, it must meet four criteria:
1. Originality of its contribution to the journal topics
2. Soundness of its theory and methodology
3. Coherence of its analysis
4. Ability to communicate to readers (grammar and style)

Peer reviewers will have six possible options, for each article:
1. Accept manuscript (i.e. no need for any revision)
2. Accept after revision (i.e. accepted if the author makes the requested revisions)
3. Revise and resubmit (i.e. accepted or rejected after revisions have been made – paper will be sent out for another peer review round)
4. Submit elsewhere (i.e. if the manuscript is better suited for another journal)
5. Reject manuscript (i.e. if the manuscript is substandard)
6. See comments (i.e. if the reviewer cannot choose from any of the above)

In addition, papers may be rejected directly by the Chief Editor if judged to be out of scope or if scientifically of formally sub-standard.
When asking for revisions, reviewers have two possible goals: to ask authors to tighten their arguments based on existing data or to identify areas where more data are needed. Even formal revision may be required if the language or style is sub-standard. To facilitate rapid publication, authors are given a maximum of 2 weeks for revision. After 2 weeks, revised manuscripts will be considered new submissions.

Peer Review Policy
All peer review is single blind and submission is online via Editorial Manager.

Article publishing charge
Authors will pay $399 only from 2021 onwards.

Submission charges
There are no submission charges for this journal.


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